January in Review & A Peak at February

Hey Guys! Happy February!! I can’t believe how fast January flew by!

I wanted to give you all an update on my goals progress and how I’ve tweaked my routines. My plans changed a little, things were added and other things were thrown out. But I feel like I accomplished quite a bit.

Originally I had planned to complete the Couch to Sprint Workout Plan in January. I quickly discovered though that I was pushing myself too hard too quickly. So, I tweaked my plan a little.

I started walking every day for a week straight. Then I added in a little jogging. The last few days, I’ve added in some running.

I’m seeing the time shave off as I start running faster and longer. I just did a mile in under 12 minutes! Not my best time ever, but it was my best time in a very long time.

I also had mentioned that I was going to do a “Being Me” Challenge that I found on Pinterest. After the first two weeks, I felt bored! So I created my own “Being Me” Challenge. I have been finding journal prompts on Pinterest ( you can check out my boards here.) I have been picking a prompt every day.

Some I really have to think about it. Others just come naturally. It’s been really cool to think about these topics and discover what my answers are. I’m starting to learn more about myself, what I like, what I don’t like.

I’m also really looking forward to all that February is bringing! I will be turning 30 in 3 short day! (I’m starting to freak out a little.) My youngest is turning 3 a few days after that. Then valentine’s day rolls around and brings with it the premier of 50 Shades Darker! (I can’t wait!)

It’s going to be a month full of fun stuff. I’m also going to continue to work towards my goals. I am still going to be focusing on exercising and my journaling. I am also going to start creating my inventory for my Etsy store Crochet4lifecrafts. I am really excited to be adding new pieces and learning new patterns.

My second goal for February is to read another book. And finish the book I’m reading with my kids at night!

What are your goals for February? Do you have any yet or are you working on setting them now? Head over to the contact page and tell me about your goals for this month. I’d love to hear about them!


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