February in Review + A Sneak Peek into March’s Fun

Hey guys! February is almost over! It seems to have flown past! It’s been a very busy month for me!

  • I turned 30
  • My youngest turned 3
  • I launched Crochet4lifecrafts.com
  • I wrangled together a great special series for next month 
  • I have been working on adding inventory to Crochet4lifecrafts
  • I added new followers here and on Facebook
  • I started using Instagram to promote Crochet4lifecrafts
  • And there is a lot more that I won’t bore you with!

I’m really excited about all the goals I have met this month. I honestly finished a couple of them ahead of schedule. I wasn’t planning on having Crochet4lifecrafts.com up and running until April. 

Because I was able to get that done so quickly and easily, I am excited to announce that at the end of March I will be purchasing the domain for Creative Spartan Mama! The site will be getting a facelift but you’ll still be able to find the same great content. 

I’ll also be starting a weekly newsletter! The newsletter will contain special offers for a new product I’ll be releasing (You’ll have to stick around to find out what it is!). It will also have extra info on the stuff covered on the blog. 

Since March is National Craft Month, I’m going to be featuring different crafters and Etsy shops each week, along with DIY projects and patterns. The recipe of the week will still be making its regular appearance on Fridays. 

With everything that’s going on make sure you’re staying up to date on Creative Spartan Mama by going to the contact page and shooting me an email. I will be emailing anyone who does a special treat! 

I will be back Wednesday with a post from Crochet4lifecrafts! If you want to keep up with all things crafty head over to Crochet4lifecrafts to see the great DIY posts on Tuesdays and Thursdays! 


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