Creative Spot Light-Sugarmoon Boutique

Hey guys! I have been having a crazy week! Between shipping out my first sale from my Etsy store (I’m still super excited!) and my children and work, I feel like I haven’t stopped.

I’m still working on blankets and am expecting some more yarn to be delivered today to finish a last minute baby blanket that was ordered here locally. I have been rushing to get as much done as I can so it’s finished in time.

As promised I am going to be featuring a good friend of mine on the blog today! Her name is Jennifer and she is the owner of Sugarmoon Boutique on Etsy. I have know Jennifer for years and have always admired how creative she is.

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She is a sewing genius! She sews home organization tools, women’s clothing, baby clothes, burp clothes, leotards, unitards. She also makes some pretty impressive sewn wreathes.

Jennifer if very active in our community. She has donated her time to make costumes for the local children’s theater. She also supported the community this past Christmas by making one of kind sewn wreathes for 45 families!

Jennifer has been on Etsy since 2009. Her shop Sugarmoon Boutique has a variety of items in it. She uses high quality fabrics to make sure that the items you purchase will stand the test of time.

I highly recommend checking out her shop on Etsy, Sugarmoon Boutique! You may just find one of your new favorite places to find quality handmade clothes.

Make sure you join me Friday for the Recipe of the Week! See you then and don’t forget to check out Sugarmoon Boutique!



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